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Allyson is a student at Brownstown Elementary School in Pennsylvania. She has an older brother and an older sister who both go to college. In Allyson's freetime she enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and is a HUGE fan of reading! Her favorite color is orange and she absolutely adores elephants! Allyson loves traveling to the beach and swimming in the ocean. She has a 13 year old dog named Dani. Allyson enjoys having fun with friends! When Allyson grows up she wants to be either a teacher or a MLS player for the USA team. Some of her favorite subjects are math and social studies. Allyson's favorite holiday is Christmas, because she is a huge believer of God. Her favorite season has to be fall because of all the pretty nature colors and the weather conditions. Also, her favorite food is yummy, yummy crab! And she always, always has a smile on her face!:)

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